IJS – Odsek za anorgansko kemijo in tehnologijo
Past projects

Research projects EU from 2009

Members of the research group “Inorganic Chemistry and Technology” are included in the following European Union research programs:

KidsINNscience; Innovation in Science Education – Turning Kids on to Science 7. FP, (T. Ogrin)

CIVITAS -ELAN; Mobilising Citizens for Vital Cities Ljubljana-Gent-Zagreb-Brno-Porto 7. FP, (M. Gerbec)

iNTeg-Risk; Early Recognition, Monitoring and Integrated Management of Emerging, New Technology Related Risks, 7. FP, EC (M. Gerbec)

TOSCA; Total Operations Management for Safety Critical Activities, 7.OP, 1.2.2013 – 31.1.2016 (M. Gerbec)

EDEN: End-User Driven Demo for CBRNe, 7.OP, 1.9.2013 – 31.8.2016 (M. Gerbec – external adviser)

FluoCoorChem – Fluorinated Weakly Coordinating Anions for Coordination Chemistry of Unusual Ligands, 7. OP, Marie Curie Actions, 1.7.2014 – 30.6.2017 (M. Lozinšek)

ACT CLEAN; Access to Technology and Know-how in Cleaner Production in Central Europe, European Commission, (A. Stergaršek)

MED EMILIE; Enhancing Mediterranean Initiatives Leading SMEs to Innovation in building Energy efficiency technologies, 1.1.2013 – 30.6.2015 (G. Tavčar)

IPA ADRIACOLD; Diffusion of Cooling and Refreshing Technologies using the Solar Energy Resource in the Adriatic Regions, 1.10.2012 – 30.6.2016 (R. Kocjančič)


Other international cooperations from 2009

The inclusion of members of the research group in other international research and development programmes and other international cooperations:

1. Optimization of Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) Process in Iron Ore Sintering Plants and Lead/Zinc Smelters, BI-CN/07-09-020, (A. Stergaršek)

2. Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Molecular Adsorption on High Surface Area Materials and Other Interaction Phenomena Relevant to Heterogeneous Catalysis, BI-MK/07-08-003, (T. Skapin)

3. Synthesis and Thermal Stability Investigation of Transition and Rare-earth Metals Fluorides, BI-RU/08-09-006, (Z. Mazej)

4. Copper(I) π-Complexes as Potential Compounds with Three-Dimensional Frameworks, BI-UA/09-10-015, (Z. Mazej)

5. Advanced Nanocaged Fluorocarbon Materials and Their Chemical Modifications BI-US/08-10-018, (Z. Mazej)

6. Novel Fluorides of Divalent Silver and Palladium: Various Pathways Towards Superconductivity, BI-PL/10-11-003, (Z. Mazej)

7. Tungsten Carbide: Fine Powders Obtaining and Coatings Deposition from Melts, Regeneration from Industrial Wastes, BI-UA/11-12-009, (M. Tramšek)

8. Selective synthesis of fulerenic superhalogens and fluorinated superweak anions, BI-US/11-12-021, (B. Žemva)

9. Preparation of Agro-based Active Carbons by Phosphoric Acid Activation and their Application for Heavy Metal Removal and Improvement of Transition Metal Catalysts , BI-UA/13-14-003, (A. Jesih)

10. Establishment of scientific cooperation between Slovenia and Canada in the field of advanced research on the chemistry of the noble gas elements, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada, (B. Žemva)

11. Research of coordination chemistry of krypton difluoride, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada, (B. Žemva)


Programme in projects founded by ARRS from 2009

1. Programme »Inorganic Chemistry and Tecchnology (G. Tavčar)

2. Young Researchers: M. Lozinšek, K. Radan, I. Shlypanikov, A. Koblar, G. Veryasov, B. Alič


Inclusion in projects for users not funded by the ARRS from 2009

Members of the research group are also included in projects for different users:

1. Consultation services for implementing monitoring of safety important equipment, Istrabenz plini d.o.o. (M. Gerbec)

2. Development of a technological process for the enhancement of the efficiency of removal of sulphur dioxide and mercury from fuel gases, Esotech, d. d., (A. Stergaršek)

3. Reliability analysis of natural gas transmission system, Geoplin plinovodi d. o. o.,(M. Gerbec)

4. Consultation services for novelation/updates of the safety report, Agency the Republic of Slovenia for Commodity Reserves, (M. Gerbec)

5. Conditioning of radioactive waste of small producers, ARAO, (G. Tavčar)

6. Operater Security Plan for natural gas transmission system, Geoplin Plinovodi, d. o. o., (M. Gerbec)

7. Update of the threat assessment and operators security plans, Geoplin Plinovodi d. o. o., (M. Gerbec)

8. Safety report for Nafta Petrochem d.o.o, Nafta Petrochem d.o.o, (M. Gerbec)

9. Potential incidental events in the planed factory F-4 in Nafta Petrochem d.o.o., Nafta Petrochem d.o.o, (M. Gerbec)

10. Internal audit of the Safety Management System and review of the Safety Report, Instalacija d.o.o., (M. Gerbec)

11. Consultation services for novelation/updates of the safety report, Agency of the republic of Slovenia for Commodity Reserves, (M. Gerbec)

12. Hazard identification of the TE-TO Ljubljana operations, Thermal power and district heating plant Ljubljana, (M. Gerbec)

13. Preparation of Environmental risk reduction plan for Thermal Power Plant Brestanica, (M. Gerbec)

14. Expert review of cross boundary effects of LNG terminal projects in the Gulf of Trieste Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, (M. Gerbec)

15. Expert review of cross boundary effects of the sea based LNG terminal in the Gulf of Trieste and pipeline – major accident aspect, 2012 – 2013, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment RS, (M. Gerbec)

16. Analyses of the Soluble Parts of the Catalyst, Porzellanfabrik Frauenthal Gmbh, (G. Tavčar)

17. Fluorinated Carbons, (Z. Mazej)

18. Expert opinion, attendance at the expert meeting and presentations for the aspects of major accident prevention and mercury pollution in the Gulf of Trieste, (M. Gerbec)

19. Fly ash CO2 fixation methodology, RCE – Razvojni Center Energija d. o. o., (R. Kocjančič)

20. Fly ash CO2 fixation methodology – in the field of methodology and research of sorption properties of coal, RCE – Razvojni Center Energija d. o. o., (G. Tavčar)

21. Technology development for copper recovery from waste fishing nets by thermal decomposition, Ekologija d.o.o., (R. Kocjančič)

22. Construction and testing of a new sorptometer, Premogovnik Velenje d. d., (T. Skapin)

23.  Update of the threat assessment for the natural gas transmission system and preparation of the preliminary threat assessement for the planned natural gas transmission system – Te Brestanica (M. Gerbec)

24. E-Cars for students (M. Tramšek)

25. Supercontrol for the implementation of guarantee measurements for the Unit 6 desulphurisation device (M. Ponikvar)

26. Extraction of Tantalum and Niobium from Ores (G. Tavčar)

27. Analysis of waste acid and H2SiF6 acids (G. Tavčar)


Centres od exellence


Nanocenter – Nanoscience and Nanotechnology


Polimat – Polymer materials and tehnology