IJS – Odsek za anorgansko kemijo in tehnologijo

Rentgenski difraktometerSingle-Crystal diffractometer

Agilent Gemini


Single-crystal diffractometer Agilent Gemini is a modern device for crystal structure determination. The diffractometer has a very precise kappa-goniometer, a highly sensitive CCD detector and two sources of X-ray radiation – molybdenum and copper. Molybdenum radiation allows rapid data collection with a high resolution, copper source is essential for determination of crystal structure of compounds with a high content of light atoms. The cooling system Cryostream 800 allows the measurement at a temperature from 90 to 400 K.

Responsible person: Asst. prof. Evgeny Goreshink


Ramanski spektrometer visoke ločljivosti Labram HRRaman spectrometer high resolution

Labram HR


Raman spectrometer high resolution Labram HR from Horiba is equiped with microscope and automated change of excitatory laser beam at 633 nm and 532 nm.

Responsible person: dr. Melita Tramšek




Praškovni difraktometer Italstruktures 3000Powder diffractometer

Italstruktures 3000

Powder diffractometer Italstruktures 3000 is a device for the collection of powder X-ray diffraction data. Large and sensitive image plate detector allows fast measurements. Recording is possible by using samples on a flat holder, or in the capillary. Scanner performs reading collected data from the image plate and transfer them to a computer.

Responsible person: Asst. prof. Evgeny Goreshink




Elementni analizator CHNSOElemental analysis CHNSO

Elementar – Vario EL CUBE

Type of analysis: determination CHNS/ CNS/ CHN/ CN/ N or S elemental composition. Option also for determination of O.



Detector: based on thermal conductivity (TCD) or IR detector for determination of S or O

Sample mass: cca. < 1 to 50 mg organic sample, 600 mg earth; depends on a type of sample

Dynamic work area for CHNS/CHN:

C: 0–40 mg (or 100 % rel.)

N: 0–15 mg (or 100 % rel.)

H: 0–3 mg (or 100 % rel.)

S: 0–6 mg (or 100 % rel. with TCD detector) or 0,0005–0,6 mg with IR detector

O: 0–6 m

Accuracy: ≤ 0,1 % abs.; at determination of  acetanilide or sulfanil acid

Responsible person: Asst. prof. Maja Ponikvar-Svet


Aparat za merjenje površineAapparatus for determination of surface area

Gemini VII 2390t instrument (Micromeritics) and VacPrep 061 sample preparation station (Micromeritics)

Nitrogen physisorption at liquid-N2 temperature

Determination of porosity and surface area

Responsible person: Asst. prof. Tomaž Skapin





FT-IR SpectrophotometerFT-IR Sprektrofotometer

Perkin elmer – FT-IR Spectrum GX

Spectrum GX FTIR spectrometer (PerkinElmer) equipped with a Model 300 photoacoustic (PA) detector (MTEC); NIR/MIR range 10.000-400 cm-1, FIR range 720-30 cm-1; PA detector range 10.000-400 cm-1

Responsible person: Asst. prof. Tomaž Skapin