IJS – Odsek za anorgansko kemijo in tehnologijo
Current projects / CO

Research projects EU

Members of the research group “Inorganic Chemistry and Technology” are included in the following European Union research programs:

SUPER-LNG: SUstainability PERformance of LNG-based maritime mobility, 1.1.2018 – 30.6.2019 (M. Gerbec)


Other international cooperations

The inclusion of members of the research group in other international research and development programmes and other international cooperations:

The development of a nondestructive analytical method for the screening of upconverting, (M. Ponikvar – Svet)


Programme in projects founded by ARRS

1. Programme »Inorganic Chemistry and Tecchnology (G. Tavčar)

2. Direct conversion of methane to higher hydrocarbons (G. Tavčar)

3. Young Researchers: Ž. Zupanek, D. Pavlović, D. Levovnik, E. Gruden


Inclusion in projects for users not funded by the ARRS

Members of the research group are also included in projects for different users:

Tests of the stability of the meshes, (G. Tavčar)

Investigations of ingredients and active ingredients in tree resins, (G. Tavčar, T. Oblak)

Implementation of Process Safety Management System (PSMS) into Naftna Industrija Srbije (NIS j.s.c.), (M. Gerbec)

Consultations services at the update of the formal safety case (M. Gerbec)

Roadmap: Preparation of a guidelines proposal for Slovenian potentials utilization for the transition to the circular economy, (R. Kocjančič)

Contract on: the reseach and development services on the gasification technology (M. Gerbec)



Centres od exellence


Nanocenter – Nanoscience and Nanotechnology


Polimat – Polymer materials and tehnology