IJS – Odsek za anorgansko kemijo in tehnologijo
Current projects / CO

Research projects EU

Members of the research group “Inorganic Chemistry and Technology” are included in the following European Union research programs:

TOSCA; Total Operations Management for Safety Critical Activities, 7.OP, (M. Gerbec)

EDEN: End-User Driven Demo for CBRNe, 7.OP, (M. Gerbec – external adviser)

FluoCoorChem – Fluorinated Weakly Coordinating Anions for Coordination Chemistry of Unusual Ligands, 7. OP, Marie Curie Actions (M. Lozinšek)

MED EMILIE; Enhancing Mediterranean Initiatives Leading SMEs to Innovation in building Energy efficiency technologies, (G. Tavčar)

IPA ADRIACOLD; Diffusion of Cooling and Refreshing Technologies using the Solar Energy Resource in the Adriatic Regions, (G. Tavčar)


Other international cooperations

The inclusion of members of the research group in other international research and development programmes and other international cooperations:

Preparation of Agro-based Active Carbons by Phosphoric Acid Activation and their Application for Heavy Metal Removal and Improvement of Transition Metal Catalysts , BI-UA/13-14-003, (A. Jesih)


Programme in projects founded by ARRS

1. Programme »Inorganic Chemistry and Tecchnology (G. Tavčar)

2. Young Researchers: K. Radan, I. Shlypanikov, A. Koblar,B. Alič


Inclusion in projects for users not funded by the ARRS

Members of the research group are also included in projects for different users:

Fluorinated Carbons, (Z. Mazej)

Fly ash CO2 fixation methodology, RCE – Razvojni Center Energija d. o. o., (R. Kocjančič)

Fly ash CO2 fixation methodology – in the field of methodology and research of sorption properties of coal, RCE – Razvojni Center Energija d. o. o., (G. Tavčar)

Technology development for copper recovery from waste fishing nets by thermal decomposition, Ekologija d.o.o., (R. Kocjančič)


Centres od exellence


Nanocenter – Nanoscience and Nanotechnology


Polimat – Polymer materials and tehnology