IJS – Odsek za anorgansko kemijo in tehnologijo
Opening of EMILIE InfraSUN pilot plant

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia dr. Miro Cerar, visited Institute “Jozef Stefan” on the  27th of October 2014.  He inaugurated the pilot facility EMILIE InfraSUN.


Govor dr. Miro Cerar

Speach dr. Miro Cerar

Large Lecture hall of JSI was used for commemorative opening ceremony.  Number of invited guest came from expert fields of economy and energy.

The Prime Minister had a short speech for more than 150 participants. He highlighted the start of the pilot project InfraSUN as an example of establishing concrete links between science and the economy, not only in Slovenia but also in the wider European area. On this occasion, the Prime Minister congratulated all the researchers who participated in the project.

Predsednik vlade dr. Cerar si v spremstvu direktorja IJS, dr. Jadrana Lenarčiča ogleduje pilotni objekt, ki mu ga predstavljata dr. Gašper Tavčar in mag. Jure Čižman.

Prime minister dr. miro Cerar had a tour around the pilot plant accompanied by JSI director , prof . Jadran Lenarčič. All details about the plant were presented by asst. prof. Gašper Tavčar and Jure Čižman.

Pilotni objekt so si ogledali tudi številni drugi gostje in udeleženci otvoritve.

Pilot plant was visited also by invited guests other random vistors.


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Synthesis of the first organoxenon(IV) compound was mentioned in one of the most sold higher education textbook in a chapter of noble gases. Discovery of this compound was made together with German research group of University of Duisburg